Animals of Our Kind (Single 2010)

by STandART

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"STandART has many cards up their sleeve, a few of which being the soul crushing vocals and music following the traditions of honest analogue synthpop.”
- Anders Melts, "Body Machine Body" festival organizer, Estonia

“‘Animals Of Our Kind’ elaborates more on the 80s factor in STandART’s music and leaves out harder guitars completely. It’s also quite a timeless composition, one of those never loosing their attraction for the listeners. Its light rhythms, though prominent enough not to be overheard, always have to succumb to the urgent melancholy they’re embraced by that only sometimes is complemented by a certain Dark Wave or Post Punk feeling.”
- Sebastian Huhn, Music webzine "Reflections of Darkness", Germany


released February 14, 2010

STandART / Zemgales Impērija (HRX-PCD005)
Produced by Kaspars Tobis and STandART



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STandART Latvia

STandART is a synthfolk / darkwave band formed in 2002 in Jelgava, Latvia. STandART has released 3 albums, 16 singles and played live in the Baltics, Finland, Sweden and Poland.

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Track Name: Animals of Our Kind

Animals of our kind
Do not feed from the hand
They run like the wind through life
Head over heels and against the wall

Moving on weary feet
Rushing in search till they bleed
What they probably don’t even feel
They usually do not feel that

You dream of our glorious fur
Shining around your shoulders
For each fallen we’ll pay back twofold
We have a perfect memory

In need, we can claw and maul
We’re gonna hunt down the hunters
We can smell by a mile
An animal of our kind
Track Name: Tādi Zvēri Kā Mēs
(Latvian version of the song “Animals of Our Kind”)

Tādi zvēri kā mēs
Nekad nebarosies no rokas
Tie auļo caur dzīvi kā vējš
Skrienot ar galvu sienā

Meklējot nemiera trauksmē
Kājas, noberztas asinīs
Tie droši vien to nemaz nejūt
Tie parasti nemēdz to just

Tu sapņo par spalvu kā mums
Rotājam Tavu kaklu
Par ik kritušo paņemsim divkārt
Mums ir lieliska atmiņa

Mēs varam plosīt un plēst
Medniekus miltos saberzt
Mēs jau iztālēm jūtam
Tādus zvērus kā mēs
Track Name: Sådana djur som vi
(Swedish version of the song “Animals of Our Kind”)

Sådana djur som vi
Ska man inte mata från handen
Dom springer som vind genom livet
hals över huvud, in i väggen

Rör sej på trötta fötter
Söker rusande tills dom blöder
Som dom troligen aldrig känner
Det känner dom vanligtvis inte

Du drömmer om vår gyllene päls
Skinande på dina axlar
Vi tar tillbaka dubbelt för varje fallen
Vårat minne sviker oss aldrig

Vid behov, klöser och slår vi
Jägarna kommer att slaktas
Vi känner lukten på avstånd
Sådana djur som vi
Track Name: The Field Where I Died (RABAR Remix)

I spend my days wearing and giving smiles
Weapons in my hands, and a white and hearty smile
The fire never sleeps under the purple sky
What a lovely way to kill our time

Our worlds lie in debris, I’ll wreathe
A barbed wire hence around myself
Neither anyone in the world will reach me
Nor will be taken away from me

“Don’t you know, you – silly horse, things will be all right”
Your weary eyes tell me with a ghost of a smile
“Last night I climbed up the beanstalk to the stars and then
Composed a fairy-tale of them with a happy and endless end”

You pretend that you’re asleep
So I couldn’t see your tears
But I can see clearly through your lies
As through the dress you glow inside

I need nothing in this world right now
But a white and hearty smile
Take me in your arms tonight
And make me lose my mind
Track Name: Mans Svētums (Live in Riga 2009)
Latvian version of the song “My Holiness”.

Še būs Tev mana roka
Satver cieši, cieši to
Ja gribi pāri tikt

Vairs nevajag laivu Tev
Virs ūdens varu staigāt es
Un Tevi nest

Mans svētums, mana gaisma
Tavas bailes izdzēsīs
Kā izdziest krīts

Vairs nevajag sauli Tev
Es esmu īstā saule Tev
Es esmu Tev

Bet man vajag kādu rētu
Atvērtu, lai atcerētos
Kāds esmu es

Kā rētas aizvilksies
Man tas viss sāks aizmirsties
Mans smaids kļūs atkal nepatiess